A Well-Rounded Pokemon Team (No EVS or IVS)

(Note: You need to know type advantages/disadvantages for this strategy)This is a strategy I have tried that is meant to work with a “Just use damaging moves, no stat-raising unless it comes with damaging the foe” strategy (My strategy), but can work with others. This strategy does involve catching Pokemon, but does not require breeding.

This strategy all depends on witch starter you chose. For this example, lets say I chose squirtle. I now have Blastoise, and I need a well- rounded team.(In this example, I will be using Pokemon from all 7 generations) The first step in a well rounded team is to have a water, a grass, and a fire type Pokemon on your team. For this example, let’s say you catch Tsareena and Chandelure. You now have the first part of a well rounded team. The second part is where this gets a bit trickier. You need a Pokemon that is not grass, fire, or water type that is strong against said types and strong against each other. In this example,  Raichu, an electric type, is strong against Blastoise, Togekiss, a flying/fairy type,       is strong against Tsareena, a grass type, but is also weak to electric and poison type moves, and Nindoqueen is a ground/poison type, and is super effective against fire, fairy, and electric types.

As an overview, you need:

1.a Water type

2.a Fire type

3. a Grass type

4.a Pokemon that’s strong against water types and #5 or #6

5 a Pokemon that’s strong against fire types and #4 or #6

6. a Pokemon that’s strong against grass types and #4 or #5

(#4 = number four on this list)

Thanks for reading my blog!


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