My Top 6 Favorite Pokemon Designs

As this is my first blog post, I think it’s fair to say that I should post about something positive. One of the first things we see of a Pokemon is it’s design, so I’ll start there. I’m a sucker for cute Pokemon, so don’t be surprised if many of them are small, fluffy Pokemon. Feel free to say your favorites in the comments!

#1 Braxien

I’ll admit it,I have a bit of a soft spot for gen 6. It came out just around the time I got a 3DS, so I was very enthusiastic about this generation. I like this Pokemon for 2 reasons:

1: ( at least to me) The overall design is good.

2: It’s fluffy ( I warned you!)

I also chose Fennekin as my gen 6 starter, so I may be a bit biased.


#2 Glaceon

I love the eeveeloutions, theres no doubt about that, but Glaceon has always been my favorite. I like its big ice diamond on it’s head, and the color is very nice. This is also my favorite ice type Pokemon, with a very high special attack.


#3 Absol

This Pokemon has a dark feel, with a bit of mystery. I really like the idea of a Pokemon who warns of danger, and I also like how the mega has… if you guessed fluffy wings, then you are 100% correct!


#4 Tsareena

This Pokemon is actually part of my Sun/Moon team to balance out between Primarina and Arcanine,  and it’s high attack stat is very helpful in a pinch. Even though this Pokemon is mean spirited, kicking it’s enemies while laughing boisterously, I love the little crown on it’s plant- hair thing.


#5 Goodra

It’s a gooey dragon that gives hugs! As I said, I have a soft spot for generations 6-7, as I feel personally they have the best designs/ concepts. I love Goodra because it is big and friendly looking. I just want to give Goodra a big hug!


#6 Gothitelle

Although I feel Gothitelle should also have the dark typing, I love the bows and sophisticated look to this Pokemon. It makes me think a bit of a mid- 1800’s ball gown, with all the ruffles and lace. If you look up “Gothitelle gijinka”, You’ll see that many artists went for a mid 1800’s look as well.


This concludes my top 6 favorite Pokemon design-wise. Please remember to comment your favorite Pokemon designs!


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